Reports and Tools

Query, diagram, and visualize operational data to clearly explain your story to stakeholders.

Data ETL and Analytics

Harvest over a hundred measurements in a variety of domains (size, complexity, quality, etcetera) for critical insight into how your operations compare to industry.

Customized Solutions

Create and apply sophisticated algorithms to reach clear answers for difficult business problems.

Use Cases

Immediate value-added to your project:

  • On-board personnel 50% faster.
  • Save 12 hours per week previously spent on demos.
  • Gain complete insight into your codebases' features and components.
  • Customize documentation to highlight your needs.

Data and tools to answer questions, such as:

  • How many resources have we spent on these features / components?
  • What parts of our codebase are getting stale?
  • Which programmers are experts on which aspects of our system?
  • Where have we accumulated technical debt?

Reviews & Awards

“I can quickly create graphic recommendations for executives and shareholders so they easily understand my reasoning.”

Tarin Ziyaee,

Director of AI, Voyage

“These solutions allow me to provide C-suite executives with the data-driven support needed for making hard decisions.”

“With Saga's solutions, I never feel like I'm at a disadvantage when negotiating with technical contractors in areas beyond my expertise.”

Jon Davis,

JPG Consulting